A New Resistance

Glyphosate is the key “active” ingredient in the most commonly used herbicide in the entire world, and in all likelihood, it is inside of your body right now. Due to the prevalence of “RoundUp” and the genetically engineered seeds developed by Monsanto, use of this chemical exploded during the late 1990’s until today, with no end in sight. For over 40 years glyphosate has been declared by the industry that manufactures it to be as safe as “table salt” and it has altered the entire landscape of our world forever. However, after all of these years of increasing use, this weedkiller has recently been the focus of one of the largest legal settlements in the history of the world at over $ 10 Billion, proving that it does indeed cause cancer. A New Resistance explores what this all means for you, your children and the planet. Starring John Paul DeJoria, Kaitlin Olsen and many, many others.